As unique as the city that surrounds it.

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As unique as the city that surrounds it.

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The Development

Poised to be the largest mixed-use development in the Southeast, The Walk on Union will connect Downtown Memphis to the future with top-of-the-line residential, flexible office space and retail offerings just inches from the city’s biggest attractions. Phase One of the project will bring to life:

$376 Million

Phase One


Amenitized Residential Units

142,279 sf

Class A+ Office


Hotel Keys

57,574 sf



Acres of Engaging Green Space

The Site

An environment designed from the ground up to optimize product mix, people flow and technology, the destination is utilizing leading-edge infrastructure to create a one-of-a-kind smart development and innovation hub. Located in Downtown Memphis, a neighborhood that has recently experienced a 17% population increase and with $4 billion in current and future developments, The Walk will feature:

What does this mean? Leveraging 5G – the first in the region – along with next gen WIFI, smart sensors and fiber connectivity at the project’s onset, The Walk will act as a digital engine for neighboring communities – ensuring under-resourced communities are able to get online while simultaneously existing as an unique urban testbed for technology-based solutions with opportunities for Data-As-A-Service, emerging technology and new start-up applications.

The City

At the heart of the U.S. – and American commerce – Memphis is poised for unprecedented growth. Downtown Memphis has been reshaped over the last four years, with $13 billion in revitalization projects including residential, office, hotel and green spaces – bringing a new vibrancy and energy to the neighborhood’s major districts. For the city, The Walk on Union will be the epicenter of that growth – a hub for innovation, arts, entertainment, food and more, building upon the Memphis Momentum.

Population Top 5 Cities for Millennial Population Growth

Job Seekers

Top Market for Job Seekers

Millenials10% Increase in Millennial Population

Hospitals #9 Largest Hospital Hub in the Nation, based upon bed count

Capital 98th Percentile in per capita income in the State

Cost of Living Cost of Living is 12% Lower than the National Average

SocialLeader in Social Innovation

Social $4 Billion in New Development Projects

Fortune 500 Companies30 Fortune 500 Companies, each with 500+ Employees in Metro Memphis

The Team

Under the leadership of Memphis Walk, LLC., the consortium of Atlanta-based Sagestone Partners and Memphis-based Big River Development, the development will utilize land within a federally designated Opportunity Zone to transform 11 underused acres into a destination that creates civic pride, opportunity, and community-building through thriving and sustainable retail, office, and living destinations. Learn more about our development partners here.

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